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Endpoint: Punainen Jättiläinen

created on: 24/02/2021
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General info : Punainen Jättiläinen (English: Red Giant) is a Finnish publishing brand of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa. It was founded in April 2005 by its CEO, Antti Grönlund. However, the publisher was acquired by Tammi in 2009. Nowadays, Punainen jättiläinen works together with Sangatsu Manga under facilities of Tammi publishing company. Punainen jättiläinen is known from their typically large-format, bookstore-oriented releases. There are some exceptions, such as Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&!, which are in small-format and sold at magazine stands, as is typical for manga published in Finland. 
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Source : Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punainen_j%C3%A4ttil%C3%A4inen) 
Source : Official Website (www.sangatsumanga.fi/) 
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