Main Manual

Welcome to Allzthings ! (or

In the “About” section you can read what we are doing here – basically building a highly detailed database with the specifics of all the collectible  things in the world ánd all the creative people behind those things.
We make key reference points for things, name it a Wikipedia of things so to speak.

Here you will find out how we do that.

Are the any rules to follow ?  

AZT: Indeed, working on a high quality project like this requires good agreements. There are 4 BASIC RULES. Building a huge database like this without strict guidelines would very rapidly lead to a pile of unstructured things and duplicates where nobody would find what he or she is looking for.
Consequently there are some simple but very strict rules to be followed.


RULE N°1 : ONLY submit things you HOLD in your hands

Our main objective is to get the database as accurate as possible.

That means we prefer seeing only those two James Bond movies you actually possess, rather than the complete series submitted in a hassle by copying and pasting info from other sites.
Sometimes you will be asked to add info like the weight or the dimensions. This not only comes in handy for shipping purposes, but will also emphasize you are submitting the real thing.


Websubmitting means you don’t have the thing in your possession but are adding it anyway by getting the information from other websites.
Only submit your things, with your pictures and your info. You cannot trust other sites, nor take advantage of their efforts: you can only trust yourself.
You will also be credited forever regarding the thing you submitted. Others may refine your submission afterwards, but you will always be listed as the original submitter.

RULE 3 : DUPE search before you add.

Duplicate submissions are very annoying. If they get into the database and people added them to their collection, you will have to annoy all those people when you later on have to delete a duplicate thing.

So by far the best way to proceed, is to avoid letting them in in the first place.

Please check very thoroughly if the thing is not in yet, maybe with a slightly different name.



A lot of things have something written on them. That information is of course very valuable. Please cite that information exactly as on the thing, in the same order, with the same caps, spaces etc. Never ‘enhance’ things. If a series is numbered 01, 02, 03, 04, and the fifth thing has number “5”, please don’t add it as “05” just because that seems more consistent.


Follow these four basic rules and submitting your favourite things will be a piece of cake ! 


Thank you very much for contributing. This cannot be done without you and we will never forget that. Therefore you will be credited eternally and rewarded financially the day the market place takes off.