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Endpoint: Alpen (Cereals)

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created on: 20/06/2024
by: bob (9306)

Brand properties

General info :
Alpen is a line of muesli varieties manufactured by the Weetabix Ltd. cereal company of Kettering, Northamptonshire, England.
Weetabix cereals in the UK created Alpen muesli cereal in 1971. Alpen is a whole grain muesli cereal consisting of rolled oats, fruits and nuts.

In the UK, Alpen has been a staple on British shelves since the 1970s, accounting for 3% of the UK and Ireland breakfast cereal sales in 2003. It appeared in the early 1970s in Canada and then in the US in the 1990s after Weetabix established a partnership with natural foods manufacturer, Barbara's Bakery.

In North America, Alpen No Added Sugar and Alpen Original are mainstays in U.S. natural food stores and Canadian grocery stores. In the UK, Weetabix Ltd. sells Alpen in four varieties. Alpen is exported to other countries in several varieties.
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Brand name used by : Weetabix Ltd.
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