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Endpoint: Manfredi Bellati

created on: 20/02/2024
by: bob (9178)

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Manfredi Bellati (born in 1937 in Belluno, Italy) is an Italian photographer.

Manfredi Bellati was born in Belluno in 1937 and spent his childhood in Venice. As he grew up he became interested in sculpture and painting, he enrolled in the faculty of architecture in Venice where he remained until the end of the first year. He continues his architectural studies in Leeds , England. He returns to Venice where he starts working in an architecture firm. His first approach to photography was naturally in the field of architecture. One day, crossing Piazza San Marco , he comes across a fashion photo shoot with three models. This type of work interests him a lot and pushes him to ask Giuliana di Camerino of the Roberta di Camerino fashion house to give him the chance to try, thus his first serve starts.

He also tries his hand at portraiture, taking photos of the poet Ezra Pound, portrayed first alone and then with Giuseppe Ungaretti in a meeting arranged by Bellati himself. In 1966 he put together a portfolio of fashion and portraits and went to Milan to propose himself to fashion magazines. In Milan he was greeted coldly and this pushed him to return to England, this time to London.

Bellati arrives in the English capital at the height of the Swinging Sixties, a cultural revolution based on hedonism and curiosity for all new ideas and which sees new proposals flourish in music, arts and fashion. Photographers are stars, they hang out with actors, musicians and have space in the media on a par with the characters they portray.

He almost immediately began working for British Vogue and Queen. At the beginning of the seventies Bellati married Nally and returned to Italy.

At home the attitude towards him has changed, he collaborates with Vogue Italia thanks also to the relationship with Alexander Liberman, central art director at the time. He shoots for L'Uomo Vogue, Annabella, Amica, Grazia, Linea Italiana, Arianna, Gioia, Vogue Hommes, American GQ, Domus, Max, Penthouse and Playboy.
His restlessness pushes him to look for other creative outlets besides fashion and therefore he also dedicates himself to his old passion of interior and architectural photography, the nude and reportage. In 1972 he held his first exhibition at the Diaframma gallery on photos taken in England.

Between the 70s and 80s he also worked for advertising, shooting campaigns for Volvo, Peroni and Campari. He won a Clio award in 1980 for the Coin campaign.

In the 1980s he continued his collaboration for fashion magazines but also worked on reports such as those on the Venice Carnival , London , Nantucket and New York.
In these years Bellati created calendars for Fiat, Magneti Marelli and Contax.

Since the 1990s, Bellati's interest has shifted from fashion to other photographic disciplines, he continues to exhibit his fashion photos and portraits in various galleries in Italy and abroad, but he takes architectural photos such as those for the book on Santa Maria of Follina, and publishes three books in America with photos of Italian foods, he dedicates himself more and more to personal research.
In 2001 he returned to his old job as an interior designer, creating the furnishings for the Hotel dei Chiostri in Follina.
In 2005 he was invited to the Diaframma exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice "The masters of photography".
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