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Endpoint: Reginald Gray

created on: 15/11/2023
by: bob (8993)

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Reginald Gray (1930, Dublin, Irish Free State – 29 March 2013, Paris, France) was an Irish portrait artist and photographer.

He studied at The National College of Art (1953) and then moved to London, becoming part of the School of London led by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Frank Auerbach.
In 1960, he painted a portrait of Bacon which is in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London.
He subsequently painted portraits from life of writers, musicians and artists such as Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Brendan Behan, Garech Browne, Derry O'Sullivan, Alfred Schnittke, Ted Hughes, Rupert Everett and Yves Saint Laurent. In 1993 Gray had a retrospective exhibition at UNESCO Paris and in 2006, his portrait "The White Blouse" won the Sandro Botticelli Prize in Florence, Italy.

Gray worked as a copy editor at the Paris edition of The New York Times and later drew portraits of people being interviewed by the paper's writers. The subjects included philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, singer Jacques Brel, and sculptor Alberto Giacometti. During the 1968 student revolution in Paris Gray met the young Australian writer Jill Neville and painted her portrait (National Portrait Gallery, Australia). Gray went on to work at Fairchild Publications and as a fashion photographer for over five years, covering collections in Paris, Milan, Rome and London.

Gray worked as cameraman filming the fashion collections for Vogue Paris, German Vogue and Swedish Television. Gray directed his first full-length feature Jeu (game, also known as Le Passant) starring Laurent Terzieff, Dirk Kinnane, Pascale de Boysson and Bibi Hure. Gray then lived in the Chateau de Ravenel, 50 miles north of Paris and raised his second daughter Deirdre and son Terence there during a stay that lasted ten years.
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