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Endpoint: Van den Berghe - Pauvers

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created on: 13/11/2023
by: Lo55o (12625)

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Van den Berghe - Pauvers was the business name of Van den Berghe - Pauvers PVBA, a Belgian furniture factory located in the Brugse Poort in Ghent.
The company collaborated with designers and architects including Gaston Eysselinck, Emiel Veranneman, Adelbert Van de Walle, François Meirlé, Jean Prouvé, Robert Verbanck, Willy Van Der Meeren, Eric Lemesre, Fernand De Vleeschouder, Leo Speiser, Jules Fonteyne, Richard Deweirdt, Eric Grinwis and Jos De Mey.

The "Cirkant Table", a design by Robert "Bob" Van den Berghe, is their best known production and was made from 1976 until its closure.

Van den Berghe-Pauvers' designs are made under license by Tranekær in Denmark.

Van den Berghe - Pauvers was active for nine generations, with the first mention dating from 1742. At that time, Joannis Vanden Berghen had a sawmill in Dikkelvenne.

Charles Van den Berghe and family moved to Ghent around 1850 to settle in the Leeuwstraat with a woodworking shop. Then they started to focus on making furniture. In 1906 the business moved to Meibloemstraat (Brugse Poort) when Désiré Van Den Berghe (1867-1959) was at the helm together with Florimond Van den Berghe. In 1920 Florimond left the business and Désiré and his wife Marie Pauvers changed the business to a furniture only factory.

In 1938, son Albert Van den Berghe (1906-1985) took charge and opted for a more modern design. This was expressed through a collaboration with Gaston Eysselinck. On December 17, 1944, during the Second World War, a V1 fell on Ghent, hitting Van den Berghe - Pauvers and destroying a large part of the factory. One person was killed in this only fatal V1 bombing of Ghent. After the war, the company was a member of the Het Gentse Meubel collective, founded in 1951. During that heyday, the company employed 49 people.

In the 1950s and 60s there was an innovative movement in the furniture sector and Van den Berghe was one of the founders of this so-called 'social furniture'. As a reaction against the neo-styles, they worked on contemporary furniture and promoted it at exhibitions and lectures by the Catholic Labor Women (KAV) and the Boerinnenbond.

The last managers Bob, Hilde and Dries decided to close the business in 2011.

After the closure of the business, apartment buildings were initially going to be built on the plot, but this was halted by local residents who filed objections against the project

In 2013, VZW De Vergunning moved into the former furniture factory. The non-profit organization served as an umbrella organization to bring together various initiatives like a bicycle repair shop and an artist collective.
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