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Endpoint: Intra Films (Italian Distributor)

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created on: 18/09/2023
by: Lo55o (12625)

Brand properties

General info :
Intra Films was a brand name used by Intra Films SRL, an Italian film distribution and/or licensing company located in Rome.
In 2000 the company was merged into Marvel Movies SRL, a company registered at the same address (Rome, Via
Eustachio Manfredi n. 15)
Relations :
Brand name used by [- 2000] : Intra Films SRL
This endpoint is approved in the database from previous submissions.
Brand name used by [2000 -] : Marvel Movies SRL
This endpoint is new to the database, please check he (it) is not in with a similar endpoint name association (and use the ENA function if necessary).
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Item number : 59287

Submitted by : Lo55o (12625)
on : 18/09/2023
Refined by : Lo55o (12625)
Last updated on: 18/09/2023