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Endpoint: Eagle Pictures SRL

created on: 21/08/2023
by: bob (9306)

Company properties

General info :
Eagle Pictures SRL was the previous name of Eagle Pictures SpA, an Italian film distribution and production company.
Eagle Pictures SRL was located Via Cesare Beccaria in Rome, Italy.

Eagle Pictures SpA was founded by brothers Stefano and Ciro Dammicco in 1986. In a few years it became one of the most important companies in the entertainment sector, dealing with the distribution and production of films, the acquisition of television rights and home video distribution.

From its inception until the mid- 1990s, Eagle worked exclusively in the home video distribution market; in the mid-1990s it began its distribution activity in cinemas.
Also active in film production, the company produced the Taviani brothers' film La masseria delle allode and the generational film Scrivilo sui muri in in 2007.

Eagle Pictures distributes more than 20 titles a year; and thanks to the licenses, it also distributes the titles of Media Trade, AB films and Sharada in theaters. Among the most important films distributed in Italy are The Passion Christ by Mel Gibson and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry, to name but a few.

In 2020, the company released the film Sul più bello, which earned them $ 388,737 at the box office.
Relations :
Renamed to : Eagle Pictures SpA
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Uses the brand name : Eagle Pictures (Italian Distributor & Producer)
This endpoint is approved in the database from previous submissions.
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Submitted by : bob (9306)
on : 21/08/2023