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Endpoint: Isabelle Weingarten

created on: 26/05/2023
by: Eva (5519)

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General info :
Isabelle Weingarten (18 April 1950, Paris, France – 3 August 2020 (aged 70)) was a French actress, model, and photographer.

Weingarten was born on 18 April 1950 in Paris into a family of artists. She was the granddaughter of Silvia Loeb-Luzzatto and art dealer Pierre Loeb on her maternal side. On her paternal side, her grandparents were the Polish painter Joachim Weingart and the sculptor Muriel Marquet-Pontrémoli.

Discovered in 1971 by Robert Bresson, who offered her the main role in Four Nights of a Dreamer. Subsequently, she starred in The Mother and the Whore in 1973, directed by Jean Eustache.
A longtime photographer, she began working for Cahiers du Cinéma in 1986 as a portrait painter, and photography became her main activity.
In 2008, she began studying the works of her father, Romain Weingarten, poet and playwright.

Weingarten was married to Benjamin Baltimore from 1968 to 1978. She then married Wim Wenders, who she divorced in 1983. Lastly, she was married to Olivier Assayas until their divorce in 1996.
Weingarten died on 3 August 2020.
Relations :
Daughter of : Romain Weingarten
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Married to [1979 - 1983] : Wim Wenders
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Submitted by : Eva (5519)
on : 26/05/2023
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