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Endpoint: Arnaud de Rosnay

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created on: 25/05/2023
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Arnaud Fromet de Rosnay, better known as Arnaud de Rosnay (born March 9, 1946 in Paris, France - disappeared November 24, 1984 in the Taiwan Strait, China Sea) was a French photographer, surfer and adventurer.

When the 18 year old Arnaud is dating 17 year old model Marisa Berenson, she directs him towards fashion photography and introduces him to Richard Avedon who hires him as an assistant.
He collaborated with Vogue magazine and quickly became a recognized photographer, taking pictures of Marisa for many magazines.
In 1971, Arnaud de Rosnay carried out remarkable reports on the diamond mines in South Africa, on the collections of precious stones of the Palace of Topkapi in Istanbul, then the diamond collections of the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

He then devoted himself more to surfing, windsurfing and his passion for nature, and became a photographer for the American magazine Surfer Magazine by John Severson.

On November 24, 1984, Arnaud de Rosnay disappears during the crossing of the Strait of Formosa between China and Taiwan, which he performed on a sailboard.
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