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Endpoint: Gant Perrin

created on: 17/04/2023
by: bob (8832)

Brand properties

General info :
Gant Perrin was the brand and business name of a French company active in the production of gloves, founded as Vve Perrin Fils Et Cie in 1860 by Mme Auguste Perrin in Grenoble.
In 1878, Madame Perrin retired from business and left her three sons alone in charge of the company, partners in equal shares. Madame Perrin died on February 3, 1886 at the age of 74.

Her son Paul Perrin actively contributed to the development of the Gant Perrin company: he opened three counters in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), as well as points of sale in Belgium, Germany and Italy. He intensified production in Dauphine and opened a factory in La Mure. He also opened one in Millau. In 1891, he established a network of retail stores that extended to neighboring countries. In 1908, the company had 98 outlets.

Third son of Auguste and Camille Perrin, Valerien Perrin, suggested that his mother and his brothers explore the American market. In 1873, he embarked for New York; there, after occupying subordinate functions, he obtained important orders for gloves, opened a workshop and remained in the United States for twelve years (from 1873 to 1885). When his brothers died, he took over the management of the company. In 1913, he teamed up with his nephew Alphonse Douillet (son of a confectioner on rue de la République in Grenoble) and Achille Raymond (manufacturer of fasteners for the leather industry - gloves and automobiles) to open the Goldoft Glove Companyoverseas. The same year, he introduced in Grenoble, with Alphonse Douillet, the production of gloves no longer in goatskin or lambskin, but in fine fabrics. This is how the Valisère company was created in 1916 , which produced cloth gloves, and which moved from 1922 towards the manufacture of underwear. The Valisère company enjoyed rapid success and opened a second factory in Brazil (in 1934) then in Morocco.
In 1935, the company, which employed more than 1000 people, was one of the largest in Grenoble.

As of 1968 the company was still in business as the journal Le Monde stated that the company "continued its activities and that the shops located in Paris, Grenoble, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Annecy, Megève, Evian, ... were not affected by the new measures".

In 2013 Jean-Louis Perrin, descendant of the founders, wanted to mark the 150th anniversary of Gant Perrin and published a book Gant Perrin-Valisère - Histoire D'élégance Et D'industrie.
He stated in 2013 that by then production had been stopped "for a long time".

Relations :
Founded by [1860] : Auguste Perrin
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Brand name used by : Vve Perrin Fils Et Cie
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