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Endpoint: Mike Coles

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created on: 19/01/2023
by: bob (8478)

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General info :
Mike Coles (born 9 January 1951) is a graphic designer, visual artist and founder of Malicious Damage.
Since he was a teenager he always wanted to do record sleeves and pop posters so he went to art college at 17 but didn’t finish and ended up in London via Amsterdam in 1976.
When he first came to London in 1976 the main challenge was getting any sort of work at all. With no training or secondary education he was never going to get any design work, so he mainly worked in production - finished artwork and paste-up for print in advertising agencies.
Together with the members of Killing Joke he founded Malicious Damage in an effort to self release their debut EP Turn To Red and there he could design all the record sleeves, posters, advertising, t-shirts etc. He then had free reign for a few years, working directly with the bands who were really responsive and respectful of what he was doing. But then the major labels started taking over and the label kind of faded in the 1980s. After that Mike subsequently dropped back into the advertising world to tried to earn some money and start a family.
The label was revived by Mike in 2003 and not only does Mike releases music but he also reprints posters that are not mass produced and are each individually signed and stamped. He still designs tour posters for Killing Joke.
He resides in London, UK.
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Founder of : Malicious Damage
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Submitted by : bob (8478)
on : 19/01/2023
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