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Endpoint: Rykiel Homme

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created on: 4/01/2023
by: Lo55o (12352)

Brand properties

General info :
Rykiel Homme was a brand name used by an eponymous subsidiary of Sonia Rykiel CDM SA for the men's fashion line.
The subsidiary Rykiel Homme was founded in 1989 and folded in 1994.
The fashion line Rykiel Homme was launched in July 1990.
The company was located 3 Rue Perronet in 75007 Paris, France.
The brand name was still used afterwards by another company related to Sonia Rykiel until 2009.
'After 18 years of existence, menswear has not exceeded five percent of total sales and is losing money,’ Nathalie Rykiel, brand manager and daughter of Sonia, said in a statement.
The line has been abandoned in an effort to concentrate on the women’s and children’s collections.
Relations :
Brand name used by [1989 - 2009] : Sonia Rykiel CDM
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