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Endpoint: Taxan USA Corp.

created on: 19/07/2022
by: bob (8993)

Company properties

General info :
Taxan USA Corp. was a subsidiary of Kaga Electronics Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, doing business under the Taxan brand name.
Taxan USA Corp. was incorporated 12 May 1986 (1986 according to opencorporates, 1981 according to https://www.taxan.co.jp/jp/) and dissolved 29 January 1990 (although the name still appears on some 1991 NES games).
It was located in San Jose, California.
From 1989 to 1991 the US division published several video games on the NES and Game Boy.
Relations :
Subsidiary of : Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Uses the brand name : Taxan
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161 NORTECH PARKWAY SAN JOSE, CA 95134 United States
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Submitted by : bob (8993)
on : 19/07/2022
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