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Endpoint: PAL Lemon Yellow Triangle RAL 1012

created on: 12/07/2022
by: bob (8993)

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General info :
Lemon Yellow (RAL 1012) = UXP EN: In English but not for sale/supply/distribution in the UK

The box art of Nintendo games from PAL (Europe) territories all have a different little colored triangle on the spines.
U.S. and Japanese games don't have those triangles.
This is to show the region that the game is intended for.
Notice that all colors will play on all consoles in the same PAL area.
Also notice that Nintendo DS is not region locked contrary to the Nintendo 3DS that is region locked.
Nintendo Switch games and software are available on both physical flash-based ROM cartridges and digital distribution via Nintendo eShop; the system has no region lockout.

Since there are several shades of green, yellow etc. we use the RAL code and RAL name to describe the best fitting color in those cases.

Some common triangle colors are:
Green = UK,
Pink = Spain,
Red = France,
Dark Blue = Germany
Brown = Australia.

There are 49 different colours (UK Nintendo The Official Magazine: Issue 21; 21st Oct. 07 )
As well as geographic region it is also to do with the language of the Box & booklets, though PAL region.
All PAL games work on PAL consoles.
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Submitted by : bob (8993)
on : 12/07/2022
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