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Endpoint: Tohan Corp.

created on: 12/10/2021
by: bob (7805)

Company properties

General info :
Tohan Corporation is a Japanese literary agency, while also being one of the biggest book distributors in Japan. As an agent, they mainly deal with Japanese manga and novels.
The company is located in Tokyo.

Tohan has supported the maintenance and development of the Japanese publishing industry as a leading company in the distribution of publications that connects nationwide bookstores and publishers since their establishment in 1949.

Sales companies (dealers) connect a large number of publishers and retail stores (e.g. bookstores and convenience stores) in the publishing industry in Japan. Approximately 78,000 new books and 3,300 periodicals are released onto the market every year. Combined with the already published stock, a huge volume of products are in circulation. In this high-mix low-volume market, Tohan is continually striving to streamline distribution and build an efficient sales system and expanded their areas of business with the distribution of publications at the core. For example, in addition to books, magazines and comics, they have expanded to handle and sell a wide variety of products such as CDs, DVDs, stationery and miscellaneous goods.

Overseas Publishing Affiliates include:
- Taiwan Tohan Co., Ltd. was established as Taiwan's first Japanese publisher in 1990. This company has built a strong position in the publishing industry in the country with the translation and publication of Japanese books, comics and light novels, as well as the issue of the original edition street fashion magazine "BANG!" and the information magazine "HERE!"
- China Publishing Tohan Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with a leading Chinese publishing group in 2010. This company is actively expanding into the business of translating and publishing Chinese publications in Japan.
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Uses the brand name : Tohan
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Source :
ENA's Tohan Corporation | Tohan Corporation, Tokyo


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