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Endpoint: Aubin Imprimeur

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created on: 12/10/2021
by: bob (7805)

Brand properties

General info :
Aubin Imprimeur is the business name of Aubin Imprimeur SASU, a French printing company founded in 1999 located in Ligugé, France.
Originally a workshop of Benedictine monks created in 1891, the company from Poitou is today one of the premier French printing companies active in the production of magazines, catalogs, books and packaging.
Relations :
Brand name used by : Aubin Imprimeur SASU
This endpoint is new to the database, please check he (it) is not in with a similar endpoint name association (and use the ENA function if necessary).
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Item number : 43993

Submitted by : bob (7805)
on : 12/10/2021