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Endpoint: Ratos De Porão

created on: 17/10/2020
by: detum (1950)

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Ratos de Porão (Portuguese for "Basement Rats") is a Brazilian hardcore punk / thrash metal crossover band from São Paulo. They were formed in 1981, toured South America, North America, Asia and Europe and still continue to play today. Their core lineup of João Gordo on vocals and Jão on drums and later guitars has remained since virtually the band's beginning.

Lead singer João Benedan (better known as João Gordo) is a former well-known VJ on MTV Brasil and later worked at Rede Record in a comedy TV show called: "Legendários" (Portuguese for "Legendaries"). He now has a YouTube channel where he hosts a talk show and cooks vegan food, called Panelaço.
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Submitted by : detum (1950)
on : 17/10/2020