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Endpoint: Karisto

created on: 5/09/2020
by: detum (3800)

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General info :
Karisto is a Finnish book publishing imprint.

Karisto's publishing activities started in 1900 by August Boman ja Arvi A. Karlsson (later known as Arvi A. Karisto). Boman sold his share in 1907, and the company came to be known as Arvi A. Kariston kustannusliike. Facilities for book binding and making letters were also founded, and all these were merged together under one name in 1917 when the company Arvi A. Karisto Osakeyhtiö was founded. The company has operated under the name Karisto Oy since 1986.

Kariston Kirjapaino Oy was sold to Bookwell Oy in 2012, and was quit in 2013. In 2016 the publishing activities were sold to Tarusto Kustannus Oy, after which Karisto Oy continued as a real estate company.

As of 2020, Karisto is an imprint owned by the publishing company Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava, who bought Karisto's publishing activities from Tarusto Kustannus Oy.
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