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created on: 28/07/2020
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General info :
Anna Piaggi (born in 1931 in Milan, Italy - died August 7, 2012, Milan, Italy (aged 81)) was an Italian fashion editor known for an endless array of eye-popping, wildly colorful outfits of the most peculiar combinations, ranging from vintage Patou to thermal mountain rescue coats to a uniform vest from late-period McDonald’s.

Owing to her vast knowledge of fashion history, as well as a personal wardrobe that included clothes spanning more than 200 years, Ms. Piaggi was often described as “the walking museum.” Manolo Blahnik, who designed many of her shoes, once described her as “the only authority on frocks left in the world.”

She was an eccentric editor in the mode of Diana Vreeland. (“My pets are my hats,” she would say.) But she was more often compared to the Marchesa Luisa Casati for her unbridled, theatrical awe-inspiring sense of dress. During a career that spanned more than five decades, Ms. Piaggi became as much a symbol of the embrace of high-fashion exuberance as the young and wild designers that she championed. She was a muse to many of them, most famously to Karl Lagerfeld during a particularly glamorous period of his success in Paris, in the 1960s and 1970s.

Her father, who was a manager and buyer for the department store la Rinascente, died when she was 7.

While working as an interpreter at a press agency in the 1950s, she met the photographer Alfa Castaldi, who was a major contributor to Italian Vogue and who introduced her to the profession of fashion magazines. They were married in 1962 and worked together until Mr. Castaldi’s death in 1995.

Although Piaggi spent much of her career as a freelance fashion writer, she worked for the women’s magazine Arianna in the 1960s.
From 1981 to 1983, Ms. Piaggi was the editor in chief of the short-lived but influential Vanity.

For a decade after their first meeting in 1974, Lagerfeld and Piaggi were a unit. Lagerfeld drew her regularly for years to record the day's combinations, as he appreciated that her metier was dress as performance art: "She's a great performer, but she is also the author of the play." His sketches were published as Karl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Journal: A Visual Record of Anna Piaggi's Creative Dressing and Self-Editing (1986).

When Franca Sozzani became the editor of Italian Vogue in 1988she hired Ms. Piaggi as a creative consultant, where she became known for her fashion collage feature “Doppie Pagine” (“double pages”). She later published a collection of those features, Anna Piaggi’s Fashion Algebra (1998).

For her style, Ms. Piaggi was named to the International Best Dressed List numerous times and was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2007.
Relations :
Married to [m. 1962 - 1995 (his death)] : Alfa Castaldi
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