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Endpoint: Motion Picture Corporation Of America

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created on: 3/07/2020
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Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) is an American film production company founded by Brad Krevoy in 1986.
Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) was founded in 1986 by longtime business partners Brad Krevoy and Steve Stabler. The goal of the company was to focus on producing, acquiring and distributing commercial motion picture and television productions. Krevoy and Stabler quickly managed to position MPCA as one of the largest suppliers of high-quality, lower-budget films.

During the company's formative years, they produced a few cult favorites, including The Purple People Eater (1988) with Ned Beatty; Back to Back (1989), starring Bill Paxton and Apollonia; and the sex comedy Miracle Beach (1992).

Krevoy and Stabler took MPCA to new heights when they released the 1994 blockbuster comedy Dumb and Dumber.

Starting in November 1995, until it was acquired by Metromedia International Group in 1996, MPCA had a first-look producing deal with Paramount Studios. MPCA also signed a first-look deal with Sony Pictures in the late 90s, where they produced more than 10 movies.
In 1996, MPCA was purchased by John Kluge's Metromedia International Group. Metromedia had just purchased the independent production company Orion Pictures from chapter 11 bankruptcy. When MPCA was merged into the company, Krevoy and Stabler took over as the Co-President's of Orion Pictures and were given a six-picture deal.

After two years of revitalizing Orion Pictures, Metromedia went on to sell Orion to MGM. Krevoy was able to take the MPCA name back as part of his original deal.

In 1998, Krevoy returned to his independent filmmaking roots and restarted MPCA with a distribution deal through MGM.
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