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Endpoint: Axis Records

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created on: 10/11/2019
by: bob (7668)

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General info :
Axis Records is the business name of a music business and label founded by Jeff Mills in 1992.
The label is responsible for the release of much of his solo work.
Axis Records was conceived and officially registered as a solely owned business in New York City by Jeff Mills. In 1993 he opens an additional office in Detroit, Michigan an in 1994 re-locates yhe New York office to Chicago, Illinois and closes the Detroit office.
His first sub-label was named Purpose Maker. Then, he creates a label based for all his forthcoming future works simply entitled “Tomorrow”.
In 2001 Axis Records is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation.
2009 saw the launch of Something In The Sky (SITS) label focusing on the concept of UFO sightings. Sublabel Taken is launched in 2012.
In 2017 the label re-locates to Miami, Florida.
In 2019 Jeff Mills has launched a new sub-label, Str Mrkd, from his own Axis Records (named after his 2014 track of the same name).
Contact info
Axis Records P.O. Box 416600 Miami Beach, FL 33141 USA Tel: +1 786 953 4176
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