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Endpoint: Johnny Nguyen

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created on: 11/06/2019
by: bob (6215)

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Johnny Trí Nguyen (born 16 January 1974; Saigon, Vietnam) is a Vietnamese actor, stuntman and martial arts choreographer who is mainly active in the Vietnamese film industry.

Born in Bình Duong, Saigon, Vietnam, Nguy?n and his family immigrated to the United States of America when he was 9. He competed as a martial artist on the U.S. national team, and then transitioned into a career as a stuntman in Hollywood, working on films such as Spider-Man 2 and Jarhead.

Nguy?n later returned to Vietnam and starred in The Rebel, a period martial arts film released in 2007 and directed by his brother Charlie Nguy?n. It was a massive success in Vietnam, garnering unprecedented attention for a locally made film. Nguy?n followed The Rebel by starring in a steady stream of hit films, many of which were directed by his brother, including Clash in 2009, Ð? Mai tính in 2010, and Tèo Em in 2013, all of which broke box office records at the time of release.
In a controversial decision, Vietnamese censors banned Nguy?n's 2013 action film Bui Doi Cho Lon for its violent content.

Besides his work in Vietnamese films, Nguy?n has had supporting roles in major films from Thailand (Tony Jaa's Tom-Yum-Goong) and India (7aum Arivu and Irumbu Kuthirai).
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