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Endpoint: Mokum Filmdistributie

created on: 5/06/2019
by: Lo55o (7983)

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General info :
Mokum Film Distribution is the business name of Stichting Mokum Filmdistributie, a Dutch distributor that aimes at distributing films of high cinematografic quality. Films that are made by, in her view, artistically audacious filmmakers. Mokum Film is a not-for-profit foundation founded in 2007 and located in Amsterdam. All profits made during the process of distributing films will be applied for the acquisition of new films.

To acquire new film titles Mokum Film will use her broad, international network of film producers, sales agents and film directors. Active scouting of new titles will take place especially during the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Each year three to five films will be distributed in The Netherlands.
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Lijnbaansgracht 209 D, 1016 XA, Amsterdam
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Submitted by : Lo55o (7983)
on : 05/06/2019