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Paolo Buggiani (born 9th of May 1933 in Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy) is an Italian artist.

In the early fifties he moved to Rome, where he studied Contemporary Art.
In 1956, he participated in the national competition 'Incontri della Gioventù' where he won first place together with painter Romagnoni.
Shortly after, he participated in the 'VII Quadrienale Di Roma' (1955-1956), participated in an exposition at the Brooklyn Museum in 1957 and was invited to the 1° Salone d'Estate along with thirty-one other artists of the Roman Avantgarde including: Accardi Burri, Cagli Capogrossi, Colla Franchina, Mannucci, Mirko Novelli, Perilli, Rotella Tot , Turcato e Uncini. Buggiani was accepted into the group even though the majority of the artists were 20 years older and already well established.

In June 1957 he had his first solo exposition at the Schneider gallery in Rome curated by Corrado Cagli.

He arrived in Paris in 1958, and during his stay, Buggiani met Severini, Matta, Victor Brauner and Vilfredo Lam who introduced him to the gallery Glasier-Cordiè where he had a one man show.
In 1962 he moved to New York and in 1968 with his experiments called the Vacuum Forming System, he received the Guggenheim Fellowship for Sculpture in America. During this period he was also researching the concept of time as it relates to Art.

During his time in New York in 1982, before Keith Haring rose to fame, he was one of the first to preserve some 50 chalk subway drawings from Keith Haring, an operation documented in several books (Keith Haring Subway Drawings E La New York Street Art (1997 Edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta), Ordinary World. Andy Warhol, Pietro Psaier And The Factory Artworks / Keith Haring, Paolo Buggiani And The Subway Drawings (2012 Ed. Carlo Cambi Editore) and Made In New York - Keith Haring (Subway Drawings) (2017 Ed. Carlo Cambi Editore)).

Returning to Italy in May 1968, he was active in both Rome and Milan. Buggiani's work at the time included: "Ephemeral Sculpture in Motion", "Fire" (as Performing Art and Installation), "Paintings over Reality" (landscapes photographed through painted crystal), "Wearable Art" (handpainted jumpsuits).
When he returned to New York in 1978, he started his research on Mechanical Reptiles and Urban Mythology. These images placed into the urban environment brought him popularity as one of the most important members of the Street Art Movement, along with Keith Haring, Richard Hambleton, Ken Hiratsuka.
Today Buggiani is regarded as one of the most independent contemporary artists and is internationally recognized for his installations of fire sculptures.

In 2017-2018 he had a retrospective exhibition (together with the remains of his Keith Haring subway drawings collection) in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Firenze, Italy, curated by Gianluca Marziani.

Since 1979 he has been dividing his time between New York and the medieval town of Isola Farnese, in Rome.
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ENA's Paolo Buggiani Per Le Opere Paolo Buggiani E Keith Haring Subway Drawings | Paolo Buggiani, Rome


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