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Endpoint: Leopard Förlag

created on: 30/01/2019
by: Lo55o (8634)

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General info :
Leopard Förlag is the label name of Leopard Förlag AB, a Swedish independent publishing house, founded in 2001 by publisher Dan Israel and author Henning Mankell .
They publish both non-fiction and fiction, focusing on journalism, debate, feminism, history and popular science, as well as novelists from around the world. At Leopard förlag, they believe that books are the best way to understand other people and cultures and they aim to publish books that will reflect the contemporary socio-political reality around us.
Authors include Henning Mankell, Maria Sveland, Mattias Gardell, Daniel Suhonen, Simon Singh, Maryse Condé, Assia Djebar and Barbara Ehrenreich.
Their office is located in Sankt Paulsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Submitted by : Lo55o (8634)
on : 30/01/2019