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Endpoint: MMG (Film Production Company)

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created on: 25/10/2016
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General info :
MMG was the business name used by MMG NV, a Belgian Film Production Company founded in 1982 by Erwin Provoost (12 January 1954, Ghent, Belgum), a Belgian film producer, consultant and publisher and Guido De Keyser as Multimedia. Multimedia became MultiMedia Groep and afterwards MMG NV.
The company merged into Eyeworks Film & TV Drama NV in 2005 and Erwin Provoost became CEO of Eyeworks Belgium.
It is one of Belgium’s most prominent and longest established film production companies.
Eyeworks Film & TV Drama NV is part of the international Eyeworks Group since 2005.
The company is part of the Warner group since 2014.
The company was located in Zaventem.
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