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Endpoint: Suuri Kurpitsa

created on: 20/10/2020
by: detum (7673)
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Websites Facebook (www.facebook.com/kustantamosuurikurpitsa/) 
General info : Suuri Kurpitsa is a Finnish brand name, which is best known as a comics publisher and comics magazine. The name has also been used for organizing music events and for publishing one CD. The first Suuri Kurpitsa magazine was published in 1981, and the first comics album released by Suuri Kurpitsa was published in 1986. 
Websites Discogs (www.discogs.com/label/1001075-Suuri-Kurpitsa) 
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Source :  (www.suurikurpitsa.fi/i/historia) 
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Websites Official Website (www.suurikurpitsa.fi/) 
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