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Endpoint: Malicious Damage

created on: 19/01/2023
by: bob (9090)
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General info : Malicious Damage is the record label founded by Mike Coles in september 1979, shortly before the release of the Killing Joke debut EP, Turn to Red as a way to press and sell their music. Island Records distributed the records (and released their debut single "Nervous System"), until Malicious Damage switched to E.G. Records with distribution through Polydor from 1980. The label expired slowly in the early eighties and was eventually re-ignited by Michael Coles in 2003. As of 2023 the label works with friends and artists on various projects to produce music, art and video. The most recent musical release was The Orb’s “History of the Future part 2”, audio and DVD box set in 2015, after which Mike concentrated on the book and exhibition “Forty Years in the Wilderness”, which chronicled his art in London since 1976. In 2018 it released the playing cards and mercenary rhymes project "Over The Hills And Back For Tea", with an accompanying exhibition. 
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Websites https://maliciousdamage.biz/ (maliciousdamage.biz/) 
Source : https://maliciousdamage.biz/info-3/ (maliciousdamage.biz/info-3/) 
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