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Endpoint: Trade Paperback / Omnibus

created on: 30/11/2021
by: detum (9298)

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General info :
If the comic you are adding is a stand-alone comic album or a graphic novel, use the Comic Album type.

If the album compiles material that's previously been published in separate magazines, anthologies or such, or is a trade paperback which forms a full story arc of story segments which have previously been published individually, please instead choose the comic type Trade Paperback / Omnibus. Manga tankobons are also to be filed under this category.

If the comic is a single issue of a serial magazine, choose the type Comics Magazine / Serial Magazine.

It might help with identifying between trade paperbacks (TPB) and serial magazines to know that numbered magazines are often called issues, whereas trade paperbacks and such omnibus collections (if they are a part of a larger continuity) are often called volumes.
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Submitted by : detum (9298)
on : 30/11/2021
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