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Endpoint: BIEM

created on: 22/05/2019
by: Lo55o (10712)

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BIEM is the business name used by the company named "Bureau International des Sociétés Gérant les Droits d'Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mécanique SC", an organisation coordinating statutory license agreements among different countries. BIEM is based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, and represents 55 societies, from 59 countries.
Mechanical rights societies exist in most countries. They license the reproduction of songs (including musical, literary and dramatic works). Their members are composers, authors and publishers and their clients are record companies and other users of recorded music. They also license mechanical aspects of the downloading of music via the Internet. Every time a CD, audio cassette or LP containing protected musical works is made, the producers require a license from the owner of the works and they must pay royalties for each copy they manufacture and sell.
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