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Endpoint: 12"

created on: 7/06/2017
by: Lo55o (8749)

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12 inch (30,48 cm) is the standard diameter of vinyl phonographic albums (so called Long Players (LPs)) and laser discs (LD).
It is also the diameter of the so called 12-inch single (often simply called a 12?).

The 12-inch single is a type of gramophone record that has wider groove spacing and shorter playing time compared to typical LPs. This allows for louder levels to be cut on the disc by the cutting engineer, which in turn gives a wider dynamic range, and thus better sound quality.

Often a 7-inch version exists of the 12-inch single, hence the sometimes used name Maxi-Single.
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Submitted by : Lo55o (8749)
on : 07/06/2017