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Endpoint: Jonathan Van Meter

created on: 21/01/2015
by: Eva (5519)

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General info :
Jonathan Van Meter writes the celebrity profiles for American Vogue.
Jonathan began his career back in the 1980s, working at 7 Days, a cult weekly founded by Adam Moss, currently the editor of New York magazine.
Though 7 Days was a cult hit in publishing circles, it folded two years after launch.
After doing freelance writing for everyone, from Vanity Fair to The New York Times Magazine, he wound up signing a contract with American Vogue (1989-1991).
He worked at Vogue as a contributor for a year, then took up a staff position at the magazine when James Truman left for Details.
After six months at American Vogue, Jonathan’s career took a surprising turn when he received a call from Time Inc. and he became the founding editor of a hip-hop magazine named Vibe.
Jonathan worked on twelve issues of Vibe. But after a scandal involving Madonna and Dennis Rodman, he stepped down and took some time off before going back to Vogue and that’s what he has been doing since 1997.


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Submitted by : Eva (5519)
on : 21/01/2015