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Endpoint: Michella Oré

created on: 12/05/2022
by: bob (8825)

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General info :
Michella Oré is a writer who has covered fashion, music, and pop culture for publications including 10 magazine, wwd, and i-D.
In 2022 she was named Commerce Writer at GQ Magazine after she was named Associate Producer at Vogue US earlier that year.

Before GQ she worked full-time in advertising before pivoting to complete her master's in journalism at Central Saint Martins in 2016 and has contributed to publications including i-D, WWD, and Glamour UK before she was named editorial assistant at Glamour in 2020.
Additionally Michella earned a Master's Degree in Communication at the University of the Arts London in 2019.

Originally from the Bay Area, she now lives in Brooklyn, USA.
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on : 12/05/2022
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