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Endpoint: Phyllis Posnick

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created on: 11/03/2014
by: Eva (5519)

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Phyllis Posnick was the executive fashion editor of Vogue since 1987 untill she stepped down in 2019 to take up new freelance positions.
Ms. Posnick focuses on the evocative, often surreal images that accompany the magazine’s beauty coverage, as well as some of its portraits. She is especially well known for her long collaborations with some of the greats of fashion photography, like Helmut Newton and Irving Penn, who for the last years of his working life would not collaborate with any Vogue editor but her.
Ms. Posnick “contributed hugely,” said William Norwich, an editor at Phaidon Press and a former editor at the magazine.
She is the author of the 2016 book "Photographs from My Life at Vogue".
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on : 11/03/2014
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