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Endpoint: Mark Paladini

created on: 1/12/2015
by: Eva (5493)

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General info :
Mark Paladini is a Casting Director.
He also teaches in both the Department of Theatre Arts and Department of Film & Television at Regent University.
He began his professional training as an actor in New York, studying with the highly influential acting teacher Uta Hagen and appearing in the world premiere of Ain Gordon's End Over End. His entry into the casting world involved directing hundreds of commercial auditions for a group of innovative New York commercial casting directors in the 1980s. His casting credits include major motion pictures such as The Mask, Spy Hard and Mortal Kombat. Television credits include Babylon 5 and Beverly Hills, 90210.
In 1982 he earned a bachelor's degree from University of Washington, Seattle.


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Submitted by : Eva (5493)
on : 01/12/2015