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Endpoint: Minun Elämäni

created on: 16/10/2020
by: detum (2309)

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Minun Elämäni is a comics series created by Timo Mäkelä. It has been published in Helsingin Sanomat between the years 2001–2013, and in Suomen Kuvalehti from the year 2013 onwards

As of October 2020, three comics albums of the series have been published:
- Minun Elämäni, published in 2002 by Arktinen Banaani
- Minun Elämäni, published in 2008 by Arktinen Banaani
- Minun Elämäni: Singin' In The Rain, published in 2015 by Arktinen Banaani
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Submitted by : detum (2309)
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