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Endpoint: Julie Tong

created on: 14/12/2020
by: Lo55o (11971)

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General info :
Julie Tong (born in Los Angeles, USA) was named Commerce Editor at American Vogue in 2019.
Before Vogue she served five years at Yahoo Lifestyle, first as Fashion Assistant and later as Fashion Editor.
From 2014 to 2015 Julie was Fashion Assistant at Interview Magazine after a short stint as Freelance Fashion Assistant at Harper's Bazaar.
Julie has a background in fashion and lifestyle writing, editing, public relations, and assistant styling. Julie has previously also worked at Who What Wear, Popsugar, and Karla Otto.

Julie studied at the University of Westminster and is an alumna from the University of Southern California where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Design.

She resides in New York, United States.
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Submitted by : Lo55o (11971)
on : 14/12/2020