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Endpoint: Tome (Alias Of Philippe Vandevelde)

created on: 23/10/2021
by: detum (6388)

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General info :
Philippe Vandevelde (24 February 1957 Brussels, Belgium – 5 October 2019), working under the pseudonym Tome, was a Belgian comics writer. He was known for collaborations with Janry on Spirou et Fantasio and Le Petit Spirou, and with Luc Warnant and later Bruno Gazzotti on Soda. He also collaborated with Ralph Meyer on Berceuse assassine, and with Marc Hardy on Feux. Earlier in his career he was an assistant-artist for Dupa.
Relations :
Alias used by : Philippe Vandevelde
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Submitted by : detum (6388)
on : 23/10/2021