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Endpoint: Kustannusosakeyhtiö Pohjoinen

created on: 8/09/2020
by: detum (11334)

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General info :
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Pohjoinen, also known as Kustannus Pohjoinen or simply Pohjoinen, was a Finnish book publishing house. Its roots date back to 1964, as it was originally established to publish the cultural magazine Pohjoinen (which ran between the years 1964-1974).

Kustannusosakeyhtiö Pohjoinen was registered as a company in 1978.

Starting in 1988, Kustannusosakeyhtiö Pohjoinen operated as a part of the Kaleva business concern.

The company ended in 2000.
Source :
ENA's Kustannus Pohjoinen | Pohjoinen


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