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Endpoint: Warner Music UK Ltd.

created on: 8/09/2021
by: Lo55o (10712)

Company properties

General info :
Warner Music UK Ltd. is a London, UK based music recording and publishing company and subsidiary of Warner Music Group Corp.
The company was incorporated on 13 January 1961 as Warner Bros. Productions Ltd. until 1984 when the name was changed to WEA Records Ltd.
In 1991 WEA Records Ltd. was renamed to Warner Music UK Ltd.
Relations :
Previously known as [1961 - 1984] : Warner Bros. Productions Ltd.
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Previously known as : WEA Records Ltd.
This endpoint is pending, not fully approved yet.
Subsidiary of : Warner Music Group Corp.
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Item number : 43226

Submitted by : Lo55o (10712)
on : 08/09/2021