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Endpoint: Ace Combat

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created on: 9/02/2022
by: bob (8565)

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Ace Combat is an arcade-style combat flight simulation video game franchise published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, formerly Namco.
Debuting in 1995 with Air Combat for the PlayStation, the series includes eight mainline installments, multiple spin-offs, and other forms of media, such as novels, model kits, and soundtrack albums. Since 2012, the series has been developed primarily by Bandai Namco Studios through its internal development group, Project Aces.

The franchise emphasizes fast-paced action and dramatic plots with semi-realistic gameplay; for example, fighter aircraft have pitch, yaw, and roll control and can stall, but are also able to carry dozens of missiles in hammerspace. As of 2021, the Ace Combat franchise has shipped over 17 million copies worldwide, and has established itself as one of the longest running arcade flight action franchises.

The main series of games takes place in a fictionalized world populated with fictional countries with details loosely based on real-life locations, events, and wars. One of the main selling points of the series is the ability to pilot a range of aircraft that include accurate or slightly modified representations of present-day military aircraft, prototypes that never saw actual battle, and completely fictional boss-type superweapons. There are hints of the continuity between the games, as some characters and events are referenced from one game to another.
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