What do we do here ?

We are building a free high quality database of all the collectible things in the world: movies, magazines, books, records, … Allzthings is the most detailed, interlinked, thing based, database on the planet! It creates bridges between other existing databases and the Wikipedia project.

What if I am only interested in let's say movies ?

You can easily toggle on (green dot) the thing category you are interested in and toggle off all the rest (red dots). Thus the database will only show the things you are really intersted in !

How do we build this database ?

We try to represent every single thing in the most beautiful and detailed way possible: by taking photographs of it, by listing the creative people that helped creating that thing, by looking up who those people are and by detailing those too as good as we can. That can include attaching YouTube movies to the things and people, be it trailers, reviews, TV Spots, gameplays, unboxing movies, ...

For each specific thing we thus provide a key reference point that will give you all the details concerning that specific thing: artwork, catalog numbers, format, limitation, special features, …
Think of it as a Wikipedia of specific things.

We are not related with Wikipedia but when detailing people that are connected to things (we call those the Endpoints of the thing) we practice the same objective way of writing and when the information is already available on Wikipedia we gratefully use the synopsis they already made, of course by crediting them on every page.

Who is we ?

We is you and I. The Allzthings project is built by enthusiasts adding their personal favorite things. By doing so they make all the key info concerning that specific thing available for the whole world.


All the things ?

As a matter of speaking. We started with the most popular things like movies, games, books, etc. but yes, eventually you will be able to add your favorite bottle of beer if you’d like to share this.

Toggle on or off the things you are interested in and create your own bubble view!


But that will take ages !

Yes and no. Yes, before the database will ever be complete – actually that will never happen since new things pop up every day – and no, because the database is already there. So the place already exists but it needs your help to fill it with more things that people care about.


What can I do so far ?

- as stated above, Allzthings offers the user a key reference point for every single thing: all possible info concerning this very specific thing will be there: artwork, packaging, all creative people behind it, languages, subtitles, limitations, special features…

- the user can attach private notes to the thing (for his eyes only)
- the user can add public comments and reviews to the thing
- the user can rate the thing on a scale from 0 to 10
- the user can make several collections (public or private)
- the user can add things to those by just clicking ‘add to my collection’
- the user can add things to his wantlist by just clicking ‘add to my wantlist’
- the user can sell things
- the user can buy things
- the user can add things he owns
- the user can see the relation of a thing in relation to other things
- the user can see all endpoints (actors, writers, manufacturers, brands, … ) and how they are linked to all kind of things (Arnold Schwarzenegger will be linked to movies, magazines, games … )
- the user can do all this for free (the only cost ever is when sellers use the market area and pay a 5% fee on the sale price if the thing gets sold. If the seller added the thing himself even that is for free)
- the user can do all this is an add free environment: no banners, no adds, no spam
- the user can add YouTube trailers or TV Spots
- the user can add YouTube webcasts or unboxing movies


How can I help ?

By simply using the site
Rating a movie makes us happy.
Adding your favorite movie to the database makes us thrilled.

Think you are up for a moderator job and want to become partner? Add some things to perfection and apply for a partnership and we’ll be happy to inform you on the partnership, including the 50/50 rev share for life agreement.

To add your things you need to log in and click on ‘Add a thing’. It’s that easy.
Before you start adding things please read the manual at the bottom of the page.
Need help? You can DM me or use the Ask a question button.


Forum coming soon !