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Imagine a website containing all the collectible things in the world, all crosslinked and detailed in the best possible way !

Allzthings is a highly detailed database built by collectors for collectors.

It allows you to manage your entire collection like never before.

And unlike other platforms, it shares its market place revenues with the people who help building the database !

How does it work?

1. You can simply use the website to arrange your collection, to rate releases, to make wantlists, to put up things for sale, to write reviews, to watch or add YouTube trailers, unboxing movies, … 

2. You can help by adding “Quick Subs”: submissions of your collectibles that only mention the bare essentials of a thing (like a photograph of the thing, a catalog number, …) to make it possible to differentiate it from other things.

3. You can go for perfection and ask yourself when holding a valued thing in your hands: how can I represent this item in the best possible way to the world ?
And how can I detail and list all the creative people behind this thing ?
Those full subs basically mean listing the small print you find on a release.

That is basically what we do here !
It is a wonderful place where you will learn a lot and where your help will be appreciated much by all.

If you are the owner of things you really love, new or obsolete, and you want to share your pride and joy with the rest of the world, then you are most welcome to join !