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Endpoint: Billy Hopkins (Casting Director)

created on: 22/03/2018
by: bob (6972)

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Billy Hopkins (born June 25, 1958 (age 59), Buffalo, New York, United States) is a casting director with over 200 film and television credits, including, “Good Will Hunting,” “The Butler,” “Precious,” and the TV pilots for “Sex and the City,” and “Roseanne.” He was also responsible for the casting of the 1992 Broadway production of “A Streetcar Named Desire, “ the 1990 Broadway production of “Six Degrees of Separation,” and the 1988 Broadway production of “Speed the Plow.” He has directed numerous stage productions.
Source :
ENA's Hopkins | Hopkins, Smith & Barden


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Submitted by : bob (6972)
on : 22/03/2018